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Service Delivery Model

All of our hearing care services are provided by doctors of audiology only allowing you the peace of mind knowing that the audiologists’ expertise with fitting and programming of the most technologically advanced hearing devices ensures your best hearing outcomes.

Same Day Fitting

Our seamless journey allows you to go from comprehensive testing to being fit with appropriate hearing aids on the same day if necessary.

Obligation Free Hearing Aid Trial

Our at-home trial, when necessary, gives you the opportunity to experience listening with the hearing aids in your own challenging environment such as your home, in meetings at work or at restaurants with family and friends.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We ensure your satisfaction is guaranteed by longer appointment times that allow our doctors to focus on excellence without exception with your service delivery. Moreover, we are driven by our mission “Reshaping Lives. Building Futures” which guides us to exceed your expectations every time for better hearing!

Cochlear Implant Expertise

Our specialized and extensive procedures will help you determine if your hearing loss warrants traditional hearing aids or cochlear implantation. Moreover, we work with all three manufacturers: Advanced Bionics, Cochlear Americas and Med-EL. You can enjoy this specialized service at our convenient and centralized location.

Auditory Rehabilitation by our Speech Language Pathologist

We all listen with our brains. Yes, we do! And the good news is we can train our brains to listen better under different conditions. In some cases, we need additional techniques and programs to be able to complete this training. We have in-house training available should you benefit from this specific program called Auditory Rehabilitation.

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