Audiology Services

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

What to expect?

During this evaluation, we will learn about your listening ability by completing an extensive case history. Be sure to tell us how you hear in different environments and how this makes you feel. Next, we will complete a series of tests that make up a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation:

Hearing Aid Evaluation, Fittings & Follow-Up Care

What to expect?

  • During this complex process, we will ask you specific questions about your hearing concerns. You will rate your hearing difficulty. Based on your responses and hearing loss, the Doctor of Audiology will recommend a specific style of device and level of technology.
  • When fit, your hearing loss and ear canal size will help determine how the hearing aid will work. This is called Verification, and it is very important for a hearing aid fitting. Without doing this procedure, your hearing aids may be under fit (i.e. you receive little benefit) or may be over fit (i.e. could potentially harm your hearing).
  • Patients are enouraged to return to the office for routine visits to ensure that their hearing aids are working proprely. If a hearing aid is not working, call our office to schedule a visit.

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