Speech Pathology Services

SpeechPath Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive evaluations, with differential diagnosis at its core, for establishing a management program for individuals presenting with communication disorders and/or swallowing disorders.

These disorders may stem from a whole host of underlying medical conditions and systems such as, for example, a stroke or a head injury. It is important to bear in mind that there is great variability in presentation of speech, language, cognition and swallowing functions as a result of systemic changes in the numerous underlying systems such as the neurological system or perhaps, the respiratory system, to name a few.

Subtle changes in speech or swallowing abilities may at times be the first and only symptoms that herald the oncoming underlying condition when the disease has not yet expressed itself fully. A good detailed speech evaluation with a thorough examination of the physical speech mechanism can serve as an important component of the diagnostic tools available to your attending physician.

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