Hearing Lifestyle

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Sharing details about your daily life and lifestyle will help your Audiologist make the best recommendation for technology.

Dad holding deaf daughter while playing by lake edge


  • Noisy Restaurants
  • Group Meetings
  • Diverse Work Environments
  • Large Family Gatherings
  • Communicating in Car
  • Large Religious Services
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Frequent Television Use
  • Noisy Household
  • Frequent Cell Phone Use
  • One-On-One Conversations
Elderly woman with hearing loss having breakfast with family


  • Occasional Quiet Restaurants
  • Radio Listening
  • Attending a Movie
  • Watching Television
  • Regular Phone Use
  • Home Activities
  • Weekly Religious Service
  • One-On-One Conversations
Individuals Watching Someone Speak at Seminar


  • Watching Television
  • Limited Phone Use
  • Home Activities
  • Small Places of Worship
  • One-On-One Conversations
Active, Casual, and Quiet Lifestyle Criteria

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