Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

We have included videos to help you learn more about your hearing devices. To learn more, please visit your manufacturer's YouTube webpage.

ReSound Hearing Aids & Accessories

If you have questions about your ReSound hearing aid, ReSound wireless accessory and/or smart phone, please contact their specialists at 1-800-248-4327.

Pairing iPhone to ReSound Hearing Aid

How to Use Smart App with iPhone and Smart Phones

Pairing iPhone to ReSound Hearing Aid

How to Switch Streaming Between iPhone Devices

Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant and Accessories

Using the ComPilot to Play Music

Operating the Naida Sound Processor

Cochlear Americas Cochlear Implant & Accessories

Pair N6 Sound Processor with Phone Clip

Pair Phone Clip with Mobile Phone

Receiving a Call with Phone Clip

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