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“My audiologist helped me to hear the birds on my morning walks again! I am so glad that I found this clinic!”
— Ms. Ann W.

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"The wireless hearing aids, with connectivity to the iPhone and iPad, allow me to stay connected to all the goings-on in my very busy professional life. I am delighted I upgraded my hearing aids."
— Mr. Tony R.

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"If only I had known this experience was so convenient and easy, I would have got my hearing tested sooner. I feel I got my life back."
— Mrs. Susan J.

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“Thorough knowledge! Excellent care and service! I will refer the center to all who need hearing health services.”
— Mr. Peter T.

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“Everyone is very helpful. They listen and answer my questions. Very friendly. I have no concerns. I feel I am being taken care of each time I visit. Great group. Highly recommend. Dr. Markway is very thorough.”
— Richard, 9/13/2016

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"I didn't know turn signals in my car had sound."
— Ms. Lisa F.

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