Cochlear Implants

Why Choose The Hearing Health Center of Houston for your cochlear implant services?

  • You have the freedom to choose the cochlear implant surgeon of your preference.
  • Your extensive follow-up care (~8 visits in first year) is completed at our convenient location with easily-accessible, free parking.
  • YOU decide YOUR device. Our Audiologists have extensive experience in all brands of cochlear implants for both children and adults.
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Cochlear Implantation

Cochlear Implant Evaluation:

  • This evaluation includes extended hearing evaluations with and without hearing aids. If you already wear hearing aids, the Audiologist will check your current hearing aids to determine if they are set appropriately. The evaluation includes listening for the "beeps" in addition to repeating word and sentence phrases. Testing may include background noise.
  • A standard hearing evaluation cannot determine if you are a cochlear implant candidate. If you have minimal benefit with appropriately fit hearing aids, please contact our office to learn more about scheduling a cochlear implant evaluation.

What to Expect:

  • Day 1: Activation is when we turn the device on. Often, patients report speech as noisy, robot-like, high-pitched or even like Mickey Mouse. Some patients are surprised to hear speech better on the first day, while others need some time with the new stimulation to adapt.
  • Month 1-6: With daily listening exercises completed in the home and regular programming sessions, the patient's sound quality and speech understanding improves.
  • By 6-12 months: We anticipate that if you qualify for a cochlear implant, you will hear better with a cochlear implant than you would with a traditional hearing aid. Although results do vary, many of our patients have improved hearing in quiet and in noisy places and overall improved communication.

It is important to wear a heaing aid on the non-cochlear implant ear to help with sound quality, localization, and to preserve binaural listening.

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