Hearing Aid Fitting

Experience the difference. Our cutting edge hearing healthcare with a personal touch.

  • Your hearing health services are always provided to you by our Doctors of Audiology.
  • Based on your hearing loss, listening environment and lifestyle, we will recommend specific programs to help you hear your best!
  • We will show you how you can make adjustments to the hearing aids on your own by using on-board buttons, a remote control, or by using a smart phone application. All major manufacturers of hearing aids now have a smart phone app that can be used to change volume, change programs, or even have remote fittings- without needing to come into the office!
  • We work with patients in a partnership to find the best hearing solutions available. This may include working with any of the major hearing aid manufacturers.
  • Real-ear Measurements (probe microphone) and/or aided testing is recommended for each device fitting to ensure your hearing aids are properly fit for your ears and your hearing loss.
  • Connectivity to your cell phone, television, and other media devices is important to us! We want you to feel comfortable incorporating the new technology into your everyday life!

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