Makes Waves WaterWear Poster

Swimming options expand for cochlear implants!

After watching the Olympics summer games, many can agree that swimming is a fun and exciting pastime that America loves. That is one reason why water-ready cochlear implant styles have been a major development within the past few years. 

Both the Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Americas devices have water-ready options for their traditional behind-the-ear cochlear implants. Now, Med-EL has joined the fun! 

Med-EL recently released this statement, which elaborates: 

WaterWear packs include three covers, each of which can:

  • Be used up to three times for up to 10 hours at a time
  • Withstand water depths of up to 4 meters
  • Function effectively in chlorinated, fresh and saltwater environments

What is WaterWear? WaterWear is a fully waterproof accessory designed specifically for the MED-EL SONNET, OPUS 2, and RONDO audio processors. It provides complete protection from freshwater, saltwater, and chlorinated pools, as well as common cosmetics, soap, and sunscreen.

How waterproof is WaterWear? With an IP68* rating, WaterWear is completely waterproof and dustproof.

What kind of batteries should be used with WaterWear? Use only rechargeable, alkaline, or silver-oxide batteries recommended by MED-EL instead of zinc-air batteries. Zinc-air batteries require air for activation, and because WaterWear provides a complete seal around the audio processor, air cannot enter.

Do alkaline or silver-oxide batteries continue to discharge even after the processor is turned off? No. The batteries will hold their charge as long as the processor is turned off.

Where can alkaline and silver-oxide batteries be purchased? Alkaline batteries may be purchased directly from MED-EL. Alkaline and silver-oxide batteries are also readily available in stores and online.

What is included in the WaterWear kit? The WaterWear kit contains three WaterWear covers and nine adhesive strips. Each cover may be used up to three times, and each adhesive strip (used to seal the WaterWear) is single-use. The costs for WaterWear are $30 (RONDO) and $ 50 (SONNET/OPUS 2)**

How many times can WaterWear be used?  Each WaterWear cover may be used up to three times. The adhesive strips used to seal WaterWear are single-use only.

Where can WaterWear be used? WaterWear may be used anywhere there’s water – in the shower, in the bath, in the pool, at the lake, or by the ocean.

How can I make sure that the processor will stay in place while using WaterWear for swimming? There is a tab with a small hole on the WaterWear cover that can be used to secure it with a special clothing clip. For additional security, the processor and WaterWear can also be placed under a swim cap or Sports Headband (designed for RONDO users).

Will WaterWear affect hearing quality? The sleek and form-fitting WaterWear is designed for optimal microphone performance in or near water.

How can I make sure that WaterWear does not fail? To ensure that WaterWear protects your processor at all times, please follow the usage recommendations as outlined in the accompanying instruction booklet.

*Tested at a depth of 4 meters (13 feet) for 2 hours. **Pricing subject to change at any time.