Preparing for a Hearing Aid Fitting

Preparing for a Hearing Aid Fitting

After you have taken a hearing test with our team and have made an informed decision on the most appropriate hearing aid for you with our guidance, the appointment transitions into the hearing aid fitting portion. The hearing aid fitting itself is a process to ensure that the hearing aid is tailored to your needs and is comfortable.

To help you feel more at ease during our appointment, here are somethings to expect and guidance to help you prepare for your appointment.

Know what to expect during the meeting

The meeting aims to determine your hearing aid fit and consider ways to accommodate your unique hearing loss. This opportunity will also be taken to explore how to care for and remove your hearing aids properly.

Block out some time

There’s a lot to learn during a hearing aid fitting. You will be learning how to use the hearing aid, insert and remove it, how to take care of the device, and properly use the device’s battery or rechargeable unit. All this is included with your hearing aid fitting consultation. It is important to make sure you have ample time to take in all of this information! Plus, aim to arrange the appointment at a time when new knowledge is more easily absorbed.

Go with a friend or family member

We invite you to bring with you a friend or family member every time you visit our office. Having a friend accompany you will allow you peace of mind knowing someone else receives the same information we give you. There is a great deal cover during your hearing aid fitting, so a plus one with you will make the specifics less overwhelming.

It’s also a good idea to take notes. Taking a look back at your notes at home will allow you to remember all the information and help you get the most out of your hearing aid. Of course keeping in mind we are always a phone call away for questions you may have.

Understand your hearing goals

Take some time to think about your goals before arriving at the fitting. Think of when your hearing loss is most troublesome for you and take notes in which scenarios you need a little extra support. Do you struggle to hear during video calls? Are you afraid to drive because all the noises around you are hard to make out? Knowing your goals will help us help you, and in these cases, we will program your hearing aids accordingly to work optimally for you.

Think of questions beforehand

Before coming to your appointment, take the time to gather your thoughts and compile a list of your hearing professional questions. That way, you benefit entirely from any wisdom and information we may share. No question is too big or too small; we welcome them all.

Here are a few frequently asked questions for most first time fittings:

  • When should I clean my hearing aids?
  • In the beginning, how often should I wear my hearing aids?
  • What if the sound is not good enough?
  • What features should I know about?
  • What is protected under my warranty?

Check your expectations

A hearing aid fitted to your needs by a hearing professional has the potential to change your life and mitigate future health risks not generally associated with your ears. Although several studies have shown that hearing aids can significantly improve your life, hearing aids do require a period of adjustment.

Be patient and keep in mind that it will take some time for you to experience the full benefits of your hearing devices. This may sometimes be a frustrating experience, but the main thing to remember is not to give up. If you experience discomfort or poor sound quality with your hearing aids in the first few days, contact us.

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