Audiologist Giving patient a hearing exam

Why You Should Treat Your Hearing loss with an Audiologist

Untreated hearing loss has been shown to have a negative impact on almost every aspect of our lives. Our hearing is so imperative to so many things that we love! We rely on hearing to truly connect and communicate with those we love. Through concerts, movies, and musicals, hearing and listening is also one of our most treasured forms of entertainment. Our hearing also helps to keep us safe and on track through alarms and notifications.

Although hearing is such an instrumental part of our lives, people still hesitate to get their hearing assessed. In fact, most Americans wait an average of seven years from the time they notice changes in their hearing to the time they seek treatment from a professional. That is seven years of miscommunication, missed connections, and missed opportunities.

Treating Hearing Loss Improves Quality of Life

Study after study from across the globe has proven time and time again that choosing to treat hearing loss with hearing aids has a positive impact on one’s life. Hearing aids have been shown to slow the rate of cognitive decline, increase earning potential, decrease depression and anxiety, and improve relationships – just to name a few.

Knowing this laundry list of benefits (as well as the many, many benefits not listed here), you may be considering treating your hearing loss with hearing aids.

Before you do so, it is important to take into account where you choose to treat your hearing loss – and with whom.

Big Box Versus Small Clinics

Many of the most common big box stores – such as Costco – now sell hearing aids in their stores. Yes. It is possible to get your wine, a month’s supply of toilet paper, free samples and your hearing aids all in one shopping trip. While convenient, there are some important aspects to consider before choosing to get your hearing aids at big box retailers like this.

When deciding between treating your hearing loss with a big box store or a local audiologist or hearing aid clinic, factor in these important considerations.

  1. Knowledgeable and skilled Audiologist. It is important to ensure that you choose a facility with highly trained and skilled Doctors of Audiology. Our audiological (or hearing) system is one of the most complicated in our entire bodies, so it is important to treat our hearing health who is highly skilled in this particular area. Audiologists are not only able to diagnose and treat hearing loss, but also other ear-related issues such as balance concerns and tinnitus.
  2. Individualized and specialized care. When you go to get your hearing assessed, have questions, get your hearing aids fitted, or are having issues with your new devices, it is imperative that you have a team of professionals who are available to help you every step of the way. Ensure that there is a caring staff that can answer your questions, and that the audiologist takes the time you deserve to answer all of your questions. You should also expect compassionate and caring advice, help with choosing the best hearing aid for you, and an individualized hearing health care plan.
  3. Follow-up appointments and continued care. Hearing aids are not like eye glasses. They do not go on your ears and magically and instantly restore your hearing to normal. Hearing aids must be finely tuned by a professional to perfectly match your unique hearing profile. Even with this fine tuning, there is still an adjustment period to hearing aids. It is important that you choose a clinic where you will be able to schedule follow-up appointments to continually adjust your hearing aids so they work as well as possible.

Quality Hearing Healthcare in the Houston Area

If you live in the Houston area, we would love an opportunity to help you achieve better hearing and the higher overall quality of life that comes with it. Our team of friendly and highly qualified Doctors of Audiology are happy to answer any of your questions and walk with you on every step of your journey. We understand that hearing loss is a personal and emotional ride that is different for each and every person who experiences it. Contact us at The Hearing Health Center of Houston for a consultation with our Doctors of Audiology